About Us


About Us

We Cut Flow introduce as a fastest growing manufacturer of all types of industrial fluids, metal working fluids, Lubricants and speciality chemicals,

We produce and serve innovative range of custom formulated. Chemical speciality products to all type of engineering requirements.

Cut Flow is a leading provider of industrial and automotive wide range Lubricants & Chemical Products. The prime objective of the company has always been to manufacture cost effective new generation products of premium quality. Constant development of our products portfolio is dedicated to satisfy our customers. We operate under the core values of quality, reliability, innovation and performance with a customer-centric approach, in addition to our own products.

Our range for engineering process fluids are of uniform outstanding quality and performance with advantage of applications requirements. Our Lubricants are manufactured utilizing hydro-cracked premium base oil. The base oils along with the additives, selected from major additive manufactures of international highest quality specified.

We have well equipped laboratory with testing equipments for oil , chemical & emulsion test apparatus as per ASTM & BIS classified.